Our Motorcycle Insurance

Whether it’s a scooter, tourer, trike or quad bike – with simpego, every biker will find the right policy. Here is an overview of our three types of motorbike insurance for comparison.

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The basics

Accident Standard

24h Assistance Basic

We gladden the heart of every biker.

And that’s guaranteed, as our product benefits make simpego motorbike insurance unique.

Whole-year discount

Pay for 9 months, be covered for 12 months – now you can also enjoy sunny winter days on your motorbike.

Protective clothing at replacement value

Whether it’s boots, motorbike leathers, helmets or gloves – with our policies, everything is covered for both the driver and passenger.

Accessories covered for free

Whether it’s good standard equipment, retrofitting or tuning work – with our policies, all accessories are covered.

Overview of benefits for motorbike insurance

Liability, partial comprehensive cover, collision protection – what are these, anyway? Simply click on the motorbike to find out what these terms mean.

  • Liability insurance for motorbikes

    Liability insurance is obligatory. It covers damage to third-party property (e.g. vehicles) that you cause with your vehicle. Liability insurance assumes the costs of justified claims that have been asserted and also defends against unjustified liability claims.

  • Partially comprehensive insurance for motorbikes

    Partially comprehensive insurance covers damage to your motorbike resulting from fire, natural events, snowslide, theft, collision with animals, marten and rodent bites, glass breakage affecting the vehicle windows, vandalism, assistance and falling objects.

  • Collision cover for motorbikes

    Collision cover pays for damages to your motorbike caused through collisions – whether that’s through someone else’s fault or your own.

  • Accident cover for driver and passenger

    The insurance covers the health of the driver and passenger in the event of accidents involving the insured motorbike.

  • Gross negligence protection

    Where traffic accidents and collisions are caused due to gross negligence, benefits of the motorbike insurance will not be reduced and no claims for recourse will be made.

  • 24h assistance

    Breakdown, road traffic accident or theft – our 24h assistance service is available to help you around the clock. We will recover and tow your vehicle, and pay for your return or onward journey.