Pet insurance

Our pet insurance covers the medical costs of treating your dog or cat.


The pet insurance was developed in collaboration with pet owners and Swiss vets. Together we have made the insurance pawsome.

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Basic protection

Your protection, our foundation

Basic cover accident & illness

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for pet insurance from simpego:


To ensure your pet gets the best medical care and you don't have to worry financially, our pet insurance offers comprehensive cover for accidents and illnesses. 

We have customisable plan options and provide fast processing with excellent customer service.

simpego - because better

Guaranteed, because our product benefits make simpego pet insurance unique.

All breeds

We offer cover for all pets, regardless of breed. The insurance covers can be customised.

No age limit

We offer protection for all pets, without any age restriction.

Protection in the event of pre-existing conditions

We also cover the costs of treatment for pre-existing conditions.

Constant premium

The cost of the premium remains the same regardless of the age of your pet being insured.

Excellent claims service

Complete claims are processed and paid out by simpego within 5 working days.

Monthly right of termination

Dissatisfied? The insurance can be cancelled every month without a waiting period and additional costs.

Overview of the benefits of pet insurance

You can adapt our pet insurance to the needs of your pet with just a few clicks:

  • Max. annual insured costs accident & illness

    You can choose between a maximum of CHF 3,000, CHF 6,000 or CHF 12,000 in veterinary costs covered per insurance year.

  • Dental treatment

    Dental treatment in case of accidents:
    For example, we will cover the costs if your furry friend has knocked out a tooth while playing.


    Dental treatment in case of illness:
    We cover the costs if, for example, the extraction of a tooth is necessary due to illness.

  • Emergency minding

    If you or a family member have to go to hospital unexpectedly and your pet cannot be looked after, we will cover the accommodation or care costs up to a maximum of CHF 2,000 for your pet.

  • Emergency treatment

    We cover the costs of treatments resulting from an accident or illness. All treatments must be recommended and carried out by a veterinary surgeon. You can also be referred to a recognised specialist.

  • Behavioral medicine treatment

    If your pet shows fear or aggressive behaviour, for example, we will pay for treatment by a behavioural therapist.

  • Complementary treatments

    We pay for additional treatments, for example if your pet breaks a leg and then needs physiotherapy.


    We also pay for hydrotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy, laser therapy and treatment with homeopathic or herbal medicines.

  • Preventive treatment

    We pay for your pet's costs if, for example, they need a vaccination or go to the vet for a routine check-up.


    We also pay for neutering, tartar removal and flea and worming treatments.

  • Age checks

    For the protection and well-being of our four-legged friends, check-ups for dogs from the age of 8 and cats from the age of 10 are considered a preventive treatment.

  • Prescription food

    We pay up to 33% of the costs (max. CHF 350) if your pet needs special food, such as for kidney or liver diseases.


    If your pet is overweight due to illness, we will cover the cost of a special diet.

  • Advanced treatment

    We pay the costs if your pet is suffering from organ failure, for example, and needs a transplant. We also pay for stem cell treatments and prostheses.

  • Pre-existing conditions

    With the "pre-existing conditions" supplementary cover, accidents and illnesses that were already known before you took out the insurance are covered - with a sum insured of CHF 1,500 in the first two years.

    Please note the waiting period of three months and the waiting period of 30 days after the start of the insurance in order to optimally protect your four-legged friend.

    Conditions that occurred more than 24 months ago are covered by the basic cover and do not count as a pre-existing condition.

  • Worldwide protection

    Optionally, you can extend your pet insurance to cover worldwide treatment. In this case, we will cover the costs if you have to visit a vet with your pet, for example during your holidays.


At simpego, we always have the welfare of our beloved animals in mind. That's why, for example, we don't cover the costs of:

  • Treatments not recommended/prescribed by a veterinary surgeon
  • Plastic surgery for purely aesthetic reasons
  • Costs associated with reproduction such as pregnancy, birth, infertility, genetic testing, etc.
  • Treatments during the waiting period
  • Accidents or illnesses occurring during the suspension period
  • Pets belonging to members of the army, police, fire brigade, Samaritans and defence services as well as security services of all kinds, provided the animal is used for professional purposes
  • All consequences of war, riots or mass movements, nuclear events, epidemics and plagues.